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Client Success Stories


Below are just a few examples of our ability to add measurable value to our clients’ ERP and business transformation initiatives.

Aerospace and Defense – Change Management

aerospace defense

Organizational change management initiative prior to software upgrade

B2B Product Supply – Selection


ERP software selection and contract negotiation to support a growing business

Consumer Services – Selection

consumer services

ERP software selection and implementation project management

Food & Beverage – ERP Selection


ERP selection involving business process improvement and change mangement

Food & Beverage – Change Management


Communication plan, collateral,?change champions network team, project branding

Government Agency – Expert Witness

expert witness

Expert Witness services for government entity to recover fees and lost business benefits

Municipality – Change Management

gov stories

Benefits realization plan and assessment of organizational change management plan

Municipality –? ? Selection


ERP selection, project oversight and student information system selection

Municipality – Technology Assessment

public sector case study 3

ERP assessment, IT startegy and organizational change management

Manufacturing – Selection


Selection of a new ERP system with an emphasis on change management & process management

Manufacturing – Selection

manufacturing services

ERP selection, implementation planning and?strategic roadmap for global IT department

Non-profit –? ? ? ? Software Selection


ERP selection, process improvement and?proof of concept implementation

Professional Services – Process Reengineering

professional services

Business process reengineering, change management and IT strategy initiatives

Retail – End-user Training

Customized on-site training to maximize system usage and end-user buy-in for a new SAP system

Special District – Selection


ERP selection, implementation and integration with maintenance management system?

State –?Project Recovery and IV&V


Project assessment, software recommendation and project auditing

Utilities and Energy – Process Improvement

energy services

ERP business case, project planning, selection and business process improvement?