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Guest Blogging Opportunities

Are you an ERP expert and blogger who seeks additional exposure from a highly targeted ERP audience? Or are you a real-world ERP project manager or user with a story to tell? If so, consider becoming a guest blogger for Panorama.

Panorama is now offering ERP experts the opportunity to provide a guest blog post for our 360° ERP Blog. If you have what it takes to join the elite group of bloggers at Panorama, review the submission guidelines below and then submit your blog entry for consideration.

Submission Guidelines and Considerations

  1. Blog posts must be related to the ERP industry.
  2. Blog posts must contain unique, fresh content. Old articles and/or content will not be published.
  3. Blog posts previously submitted or published to other websites, including that of the owner, will not be published.
  4. Panorama seeks to publish articles that contain high quality content. We will not publish any content that appears to be re-written, reprinted, of poor quality or of little value to our audience of IT and ERP professionals.
  5. We welcome ERP vendors, VARs and consultants to submit content that discusses new solutions, functionality, services and/or other ERP items of interest to our readers. That being said, blog posts that are considered overly promotional or written as a sales pitch will be ignored.
  6. Panorama may edit blog posts, if needed, prior to posting.
  7. Supplemental images, videos, presentations or podcasts are welcome if they are relevant to the post submitted.
  8. Press releases are not accepted as a guest blog post. Press releases are accepted for consideration, however, they should be emailed to [email protected]

Panorama reserves the right to reject any submissions that are considered irrelevant to website visitors, duplicated content and/or unsuitable for posting.

Submit Your Blog Post by emailing [email protected]